Cold Appetizers

Three types of bruschettas, marinated olives (6 pcs)
(2x with tomato, olive oil and garlic, 2x with house garlic sauce, 2x with prosciutto and parmesan cheese)
6,40 €
Prosciutto, sheep and goat cheese, tomato with mozzarella, marinated olives 7,90 €
Duck pâté with honey and truffle sauce 8,40 €
Smoked salmon with roasted bread and butter 8,40 €
Smoked goose breast, pear jam 9,40 €
Three different appetizers (for two persons)
(prosciutto, sheep and goat cheese, marinated olives, duck pâté with honey and truffle sauce, tomato with mozzarella)
14,90 €

Hot Appetizers

Fried eggplants with honey and walnuts 6,40 €
Fried polenta with prosciutto and porcini mushroom sauce 7,40 €
Fried prawns in potato nest, sauce with honey, lemon, garlic and chilli (5 pcs) 6,90 €