Daily soup  3,00€
Fried chicken rolls, BBQ sauce (6 pcs)  4,90€
Mushroom pâté with pumpkin seeds  4,90€
Three types of bruschettas, marinated olives (6 pcs)
(2x with tomato, olive oil and garlic, 2x with garlic sauce, 2x with prosciutto and parmesan cheese)
Prosciutto, cheese, tomato with mozzarella, marinated olives 6,90€
Fried prawns in potato nest, sauce with honey, lemon, garlic and chilli (5 pcs)  6,90€
Duck pâté with truffle sauce and honey 7,40€
Smoked salmon with roasted bread with butter 7,40€
Smoked goose breast, pear jam 8,40€