Burger “Hiša Pod Gradom”, roasted potatoes
(beef meat, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, house garlic sauce, maryrose sauce, bacon, truffle sauce)
9,40 €
Grilled chicken fillet with roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and house garlic sauce 10,90 €
Chicken fillet in mustard sauce with štruklji (traditional Slovenian pastry roll with cheese) 11,90 €
Chicken fillet in porcini mushroom sauce with homemade gnocchi 11,90 €
Pork loin wrapped in bacon with cheese, roasted potatoes, house garlic sauce 14,90 €
Rolled “Hiša Pod Gradom” steak (deep fried pork steak stuffed with cooked prosciutto, kajmak cheese, sour pickles), roasted potatoes and house garlic sauce 15,90 €
Slowly cooked veal cheeks in wine sauce, potato puree with truffles and štruklji
(traditional Slovenian pastry roll with cheese)
18,90 €
Lamb shank, roasted potatoes, spinach pesto with hazelnuts 19,90 €
Beef steak with roasted potatoes and house garlic sauce  21,90 €
Beef steak with prosciutto crumbs, goat cheese, pepper sauce and potato puree with truffles 23,90 €
Beef steak with truffles and homemade gnocchi 25,90 €
Sea bream fillet, potato puree with truffles, roasted almonds and honey with mustard 14,90 €
Salmon fillet, roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, house garlic sauce 17,40 €
Childrens plate
(deep fried chicken with potatoes or fried chicken rolls with potatoes or deep fried cheese with potatoes)
6,90 €
Plate “Hiša Pod Gradom”
Pork loin wrapped in bacon and cheese, chicken fillet in mustard sauce, sea bream fillet, salmon fillet, roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables
34,90 €