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Do you need an apartment in the centre of Ljubljana? Hiša Pod Gradom (House Under the Castle) is the right choice.
With the combination of great apartments, additional services and customer-oriented attitude we provide you everything you need for a pleasant and careless stay.
You can choose between 7 completely renovated and fully equiped apartmens in sizes from 36 m2 to 64 m2.
Unique combination of charm of an old historical house and mondernly furnished apartments with all necessary appliances offers you a comfortable stay. 
We guarantee a professional approach, dealing with each guest's wishes and needs individually.
We are looking forward to your visit!
Team Hiša Pod Gradom 
Unique location in the center of Ljubljana
Renovated and fully equiped apartments
 Wide additional services for comfortable and careless stay
Private parking available
Free WiFi available in all apartments
A varied culinary offer in our restaurant Hiša Pod Gradom
 Personal approach and individual treatment of all wishes and needs 



The history of the house

Hiša Pod Gradom was built before year 1636 and completely renovated between 2010 – 2017. Our goal was to combine its charm and rich history with modern concepts and today's way of living. By successfully achieving it, we enabled our clients to experience living in a historical house without giving up the advantages and comfort of modern life.

Points of Interest

According to oral tradition, the house was upgrated between 1800 and 1804. In that time, a shooting range (after which the street also got its name) was being built nearby and they had to dig out a large part of the castle hill. Because removal of the material would have been significant financial and logistical task they decided to upgrade and reconstruct this house instead. 

Hiša Pod Gradom 1925

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Our location

Hiša Pod Gradom Gallery

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    Apartments Hiša Pod Gradom
    Streliška ulica 10
    Ljubljana / Slovenija
    list phone + 386 70 814 684
    list fax www.hisapodgradom.si
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